Kristi & Sean | Diamant Estate

Is it ok to have a favourite couple?!

Kristi and Sean met in London 5 years before they started dating. Kristi had just moved there and Sean was on a gap year. Nothing happened. Although, Sean swears he was smitten from the start. 5 years later Sean was back in London visiting family in between one of his work rotations (he was working as a gold exploration geologist in West Africa – yeah, cool right?!) A mutual friend invited them both to a music festival. Sparks flew and they kissed at a train station, like in the movies before they parted ways once more. Soon after they moved in together. They said “I love you” after 2 weeks & then did long distance for 5 years! 11 years after they first met, they finally got married and are living in the same house, never mind the same country!

I mean WOW. Note from the beautiful bride: “We are actually really grateful for the long-distance times because it taught us to communicate and now there is nothing we can’t talk about, and we can trust each other more than anyone else in the world”.

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